Malibu Two XL Ocean Kayak

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Malibu Two XL
Malibu Two XL stability and versatility of the world’s most popular all-around family fun boat in a longer craft perfect for larger paddlers. Can be paddled solo or tandem. Fits two adults plus a small child or pet.

Malibu Two XL Features:

  • Two Comfort Plus seat backs
  • Convenient overlapping foot wells
  • Side-mounted carrying handles
  • Deck bungee
  • Paddle keepers
  • Skid plate

Malibu Two XL Options:

  • Up to two round Gaspachi® hatches (bow and stern)
  • Cross Lock™ Hatch (center)
  • Also available in an Angler Edition

Malibu Two XL Specs:

  • LENGTH: 13′ 4″ | 4.1 m
  • WIDTH: 34″ | 86.4 cm
  • WEIGHT: 68 lbs | 30.8 kg
  • BOW SEAT WIDTH: 24″ | 61.0 cm
  • STERN SEAT WIDTH: 24″ | 61.0 cm
  • CENTER SEAT WIDTH: 18.5″ | 47.0 cm
  • BOW LEG LENGTH: 46″ | 116.8 cm
  • STERN LEG LENGTH: 44″ | 111.8 cm
  • CENTER LEG LENGTH: 49″ | 124.5 cm
  • MAX CAPACITY: 450-500 lbs | 204.1-226.8 kg

Malibu Two XL Seating:

Malibu Two XLSeats two adults, plus a small child or pet. Can also be paddled solo from center seat.
 Real Reviews

I own a hand-me-down Ocean Kayak Malibu Two XL that I have come to enjoy fishing out of over my bay boat. Although it is designed for two paddlers I have it rigged for fishing with a milk crate and rod holders. I have paddled many locations along both coasts of Florida and freshwater springs and lakes and have enjoyed every minute. I recently paddled Flamingo, Everglades National Park and fished for three days. The kayak is designed for two so the amount of gear I can paddle with and still be manageable is great. My Ocean Kayak is extremely stable even in choppy conditions and when I paddle with other people it seems to track better and use less effort to paddle. I enjoy my Ocean Kayak and I’m going to add another to my fleet soon.

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Submitted by: JedSend Email

Rating: 8 of 10

Great wave kayak! fun at the beach for 5 years of pleasure with Alexis, Ioannis and Lina. Socially for the ocean and near the sea side! Heavy and light deformations but still effective. Hard on Mazda Tribute roof top because wide and Wind resistant!

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Submitted by: victorjcruzSend Email

Rating: 10 of 10

I’ve being using the Malibu Two for couple of years and decided to purchase the XL version. It is an extremely stable boat with plenty of room for a big person on the back or for a small child or pet to ride in the middle. It can have up to three gaspachi hatches if you want. I made only one for the rear person. Would recommend to any beginner into kayak or for lake or river paddling. It can be converted to the Angler version if desired.

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Submitted by: fishdog52Send Email

Rating: 10 of 10

Have owned it for 7 months. Surprisingly easy to maneuver & paddle, even solo. Did have to buy longer (250cm) paddles as it is a bit wider & higher than my other kayaks where a 230cm is just right for me. Great fishing platform.

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Submitted by: travisSend Email

Rating: 10 of 10

Great Kayak. I live on the Atlantic Ocean, I run a kayak rental Co. This is one of the best kayaking platforms… We scuba dive, long weekend camping, scaloping, all off of this kayak, I have many Ocean brand kayaks, as well as other brands, Hobile, Wilderness System, Pelican, to name a few. But the XL is best by far for all around multi purpose boats…