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Caper is a compact sea kayak. Stable and easy to maneuver, this kayak comes complete with a performance hull and storage options rare for boats this size. Suitable for most body types with a roomy cockpit and an impressive weight capacity. Don’t let the size fool you – the Caper delivers big fun. Throw it in the back of your pickup and head to your favorite fishing or paddling spot.
Caper Envy Angle Large

Caper Features:

  • Comfort Plus seat back
  • Molded-in seat well
  • Click Seal bow hatch
  • Tank well with bungee
  • Side mounted carrying handles
  • Cup holder
  • Paddle keepers
  • Renowned Tri-Form hull or stability, tracking and maneuverability
  • Threaded hull drain plug
  • Skid plate

Caper Options:

Caper Specs:

  • LENGTH: 11′ 0″ | 3.4 m
  • WIDTH: 31″ | 78.7 cm
  • WEIGHT: 47 lbs | 21.3 kg
  • SEAT WIDTH: 19.5″ | 49.5 cm
  • LEG LENGTH: 51″ | 129.5 cm
  • BOW HATCH: 20″ x 10.5″ | 50.8 x 26.7 cm
  • MAX CAPACITY: 275-325 lbs | 124.7-147.4 kg

Caper Seating:

  single use
Seats one adult
Submitted by: LarrySend Email

Rating: 9 of 10

I’ve had my Caper several years, but have felt I hadn’t used it enough for a knowledgeable review until now. I love my Caper and if it weren’t for a minor design oversight, I’d rate it a perfect 10. That is the failure to make the tank well big enough for a milk crate. However, a 16-quart Coleman Excursion cooler fits very nicely in the tank well and holds fishing net, rods, anchor, etc. very nicely.I chose the Caper as the best combination of moderate weight, stability, length and price at the time, and it has never disappointed. I later added a lighter, faster, costlier sit-in Hurricane Santee Sport 116 for guests, but I still prefer the Caper for fishing. I can get off it and wade or sit sideways with legs in the warm gulf water or swim–it’s that stable. Mine is a pre-Angler model, so I added a Scotty rod holder in front of me ($30 installed)and two flush rod holders behind the seat ($15 each installed), making it a fine fishing craft with no need for a milk crate.

There is good information in earlier reviews, but I have news about hull slap. I found there is a “sweet spot” for sitting (for me it’s about 6 inches forward of the back of the seat well) that lowers the bow, thus increasing speed and reducing hull slap to next to none. A sand bag or some other weight in the front hatch likely would have the same effect. I put duct tape over the scupper holes in the tank well years ago and it has held ever since. I had no problem with build quality. I’d chose the Caper again today.

Submitted by: KevinSend Email

Rating: 9 of 10

Is there a better kayak than the Ocean Kayak Caper? Not for me, its the best of the best. However, it’s not a perfect 10 and I’ll tell you why.At 11’0″ and 45 lbs. is very easy to load and unload alone into the bed of my pickup. Many longer kayaks require two people and a kayak trailer or special transport rigging, not the Caper. My storage space is limited to 11’3″ so the Caper fits great. Once in the water, its design continues to impress. I bought scupper plugs and my seat is 100% dry (I weight 170 lbs). With or without using plugs in the front feet scuppers, a small amount of water comes off my paddle and lands around my feet. I now prefer no plugs in the front so the water can drain. In my opinion the molded foot wells on the Caper are far superior to sliding adjustable foot braces found on many other kayaks. I love the paddle holders! The large hatch in the front keep water out on choppy lakes from my experience. Tracking and speed, excellent and excellent. I’m sure there are better, but for use on rivers and lakes (every other day I hit the water and go 10 miles minimum each day) I do not desire better.

I wish the side handles were on the outside instead inside which makes it difficult to grab hold to while loading alone. The molded tank-well works well for my ice-chest, backpack, etc. However, it’s too narrow for a standard size milk crate (not that I care, but you might). I bought the OK 6″ CAM Locking Hatch (about $40) and had the dealer install it directly in front of the seat. Unfortunately when you open it it, it provides direct access to the hull and does not come with a cat bag (nor will any cat bag fit it). OK should have designed a molded water proof storage area under this hatch and included the hatch on all Capers, not just an additional upgraded. Fortunately, my dealer installed a bucket with a sponge under it while installing the hatch. That way when I can put things down there and they will not get wet or slide around in the hull.

Now for kayaks greatest flaw and not just the Caper. LEAKS! I bought my first Caper new and took it out for the first time only to discover it had major leaks in the scuppers. The dealer exchanged it for another new one that didn’t leak. Satisfied, I went and bought a second Caper for family and friends to use and guess what. It also leaked from the scuppers and was exchanged for another one that didn’t. Word to the wise, test your kayak (new or used) by getting a hose and filling the hull with water. If you see any leaks, you have a problem. TEST every time you are buying.

Overall, if Ocean Kayak improved the 6″ center hatch, relocated the side handles to the outside, slightly enlarged the molded tank-well and improved their Quality Assurance the Caper would be flawless (perfect 10).

Submitted by: mainman1View Profile Send Email

Rating: 8 of 10

I have been paddling sit on tops for several years. I’ve owned and/or paddled a wide variety of kayaks over this time. I have finally concluded that there are 3 things I want with a kayak. The first is stability. I kayak alone, frequently in the open ocean and enjoy going through swells and chop. The second factor is weight. I car top and don’t like to struggle getting a boat on the roof. Finally, I like a roomy cockpit, although I am not that large at 5’10 and 180 lbs.I recently bought a Caper and am very happy with it. Its light, easy to lift and easy to get on my car roof. It is also very stable and handles swells and chop very well. Finally, for a small boat, it has a large cockpit and is a comfortable ride. It tracks OK and is fast enough for me.

My only complaint is that the hatch is not completely waterproof, but this is a relatively minor problem. All and all, a very good and solid boat.

Submitted by: ChipbuttySend Email

Rating: 9 of 10

I have had a Caper Angler for a couple of months now. Very pleased with it. Roomy and comfortable (I’m 6’1″). Punches through waves well, easy maneuverability, perfect size and weight for transporting. Recommend trolley though. Good all-rounder!!