Frenzy Ocean Kayak

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Are you looking for compact, affordable fun for everyone in the family? Take a look at the Frenzy. It has the stability and fun of the Yak Board with the addition of a strong keel line for good tracking in a compact craft. It’s the kayak that people keep for a lifetime. Forgiving in the surf, riding waves or paddling calm waters. What’s not to love?

Frenzy Features:

  • Comfort Plus seat back
  • Large molded-in seat well
  • Tank well with removable bungee
  • Molded-in cup holder
  • Molded-in foot wells
  • Side mounted carrying handles
  • Renowned Tri-Form hull for stability, tracking and maneuverability
  • Threaded hull drain plug
  • Skid plate


Frenzy Specs:

  • LENGTH: 9′ 0″ | 2.7 m
  • WIDTH: 31″ | 78.7 cm
  • WEIGHT: 44 lbs | 20 kg
  • SEAT WIDTH: 18″ | 45.7 cm
  • LEG LENGTH: 50″ | 127 cm
  • MAX CAPACITY: 275-325 lbs | 124.7-147.4 kg

Frenzy Seating:

Seats one adult



Submitted by: milliemchughView Profile Send Email

Rating: 10 of 10

I bought an Ocean Kayak over 14 years ago, when I was the first person on our waterways who owned a kayak! This is one durable kayak! She’s scraped pilings and sandbars over the years, so isn’t as fresh and pretty as brand new, but would give it the highest ranking in durability and ease of use! Have dragged her across sandbars, driveways, even, and still, is fit and stable and sea worthy! The best product I have ever ordered and would highly recommend it to anyone who needs an “ocean” kayak – one dependent on some tidal action!

Submitted by: coachtmbscView Profile Send Email

Rating: 9 of 10

I have to give this one a solid 9, for what it is, it’s a great example of the type and rather inexpensive when considering the quality. Given a choice of this kayak or my surfboard for the beach, I load the Frenzy. It’s also the kayak I loan out when teaching friends on the flatwater who’ve never kayaked before, it’s a great beginner SoT.It’s a 9′ long, 31″ wide wave catcher ideally suited for ocean surf. I’d not mind if it were a touch shorter and a touch narrower but these dimensions seem to make for a very-very stable boat in the waves that tracks straight to shore. A huge plus is the weight and portability – it’s just no big problem getting from truck to surf over the sand.

I’ve also had it in the lake and on flat river. It does reasonably well out there. It’s not as maneuverable as a touring yak but for an SoT it does remarkably well and sits low enough in the water to be stable in wake. If you’re just floating around or doing some fishing it’s fine – you’d no t want to do a long ‘yak tour in it since it’s so wide that it can be hard to get going and harder to turn quickly. But for recreational floating, it’s great. It’s also really good for beginners who need a very stable boat that doesn’t answer too quickly to paddling mistakes.

As a surfing ‘yak or a lake floater you can’t go wrong with this one.
9’ long, 31″ wide, roughly 300# capacity, weights 44#.

Submitted by: blueridge1137Send Email

Rating: 9 of 10

I have owned the Ocean Kayak Frenzy for 5 years and it has proved a great all around SOT. The Frenzy is a very wide boat at 31′ which contributes to its great stability, but it does take up a lot of space on the roof rack. I’ve had it in the surf, near shore, marshes, slow moving rivers, whitewater (up to class 2), lakes, ponds, etc., and it does perform surprisingly well in all of these applications with minor limitations… I’ve even used it as a swim platform allowing me to get out for a quick swim and climb back in fairly easily.There are 4 scupper holes that allow drainage, two in the seating area and two near your feet. If you’re on calmer water and don’t want a wet ride I use foam practice golf balls to plug the scuppers. There is an open storage area at both bow & stern with bungees to secure the load. The Frenzy is a great boat for all skill levels and sizes since it’s easy to get in/out and the max weight capacity is 325 pounds. Multiple foot welds can accommodate all leg lengths comfortably and I do recommend purchasing the seat with backrest to improve comfort. I’m 248 pounds and 6′ and it is very comfortable. On the other end of the spectrum my 8 year old nephew can also easily navigate. At 9′ long it turns on a dime and tracks decently on the flats with the tri-hull design. As with any SOT, it can be blown around during windy conditions, but manageable. The weight is 44 pounds, so again reasonable to move around and load with the two pull handles at each end of the kayak.

The only reason I give it a 9 instead of 10 is a dry storage area and side carry handles would be nice additions. I highly recommend this for any age/size of person who wants a great boat that’ll accommodate a large range of on water activities for a reasonable price.

Submitted by: genevieveView Profile Send Email

Rating: 10 of 10

Not for speed, but surely takes abuse! I have had my Frenzy for 14 yrs it’s been in lakes, rivers, bay, ocean and any amount of water i can get her in. She isn’t to clean and her bottom gets dragged. Very stable have never flipped and never got a hole like a different brand that a friend sank in! If ever she would have to be replaced maybe it would just be a different color. not for racing but i always feel very safe when boats send large wake at me.